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KRYDEX Tactical Weight Vest Gym Fitness Adjustable Weighted Training Workouts Running

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* Hook and Loop closure.
* Made from 600D Nylon fabric, reliable and superior construction that can withstand years of use.
* Adjustability: It is adjustable. The length of the shoulder straps, waist circumference can be adjusted, and even the width of the shoulder straps can be adjusted. It offers adjustable hook and loop straps which makes it ideal for both men and women.
* Breathability: Because this is not a full-torso design it has decent breathability. Your arms, lower back, and belly can breathe really well.
* With this weighted vest, you can choose from pairs of 5.75, 8.75, and 14.5 pounds, which are used to make vests weighing 14, 20, or 31 pounds, respectively.
* It is really well-made with comfortable small pockets inside. The plates are fixed and will not jump around, you will get very good weight distribution, fully adjustable design and strong materials.
* Comfort and weight distribution: the shoulders have thick padding and the weight is distributed equally on both the front and the back.

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* KRYDEX Tactical Weight Vest  *1