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Krydex Tactical Helmet Counterweight Pouch NVG Battery Carrier Removable Holder Helmet Rear Pouch for OPS FAST BJ PJ MH Helmets

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* Constructed with 500D Nylon Material. Lightweight, reliable.
* Included removable 4 slots holder which can be using for 18650 / CR123 battery or Chemlight or Helmet counterbalance weights.
* The main compartment can be fits with NVG battery pack or spare batteries.
* Upper two webbing designed for cable management.
* Backing Hook panel for attaching it to your helmet directly or your helmet cover as long as it has loop panel for it attach on. * Pouch size: 4.72" x 3.93" Package Contents: * Krydex Tactical Helmet Counterweight Pouch * 1