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KRYDEX Tactical 3” Assault Cummerbund Tegris Rigid MOLLE Cummerbund for Tactical Vest Slickster FCPC LBT

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* Cummerbund built with Tegris material and nylon webbing. Rigid and reliable.
* Install adjustability with stretch section for body movement.
* Fully covered with laser cut MOLLE / PALS system.
* Compatible with vests utilizing loop panel on both front and rear.
* Tegris D handles for easy don/doff.
* M size length 23 Inches (59cm); Included 7 MOLLE slots.
L size length 26 Inches (66cm) ; Included 9 MOLLE slots.
* Sold as Pair included both sides. * Color: BK, CB, RG, MC Package Contents: * KRYDEX Tegris Rigid MOLLE Cummerbund * 1 pair