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KRYDEX MK2 Sniper Sling Lightweight Tactical Wide Padded 2 Point Quick Adjustable Rifle Gun Sling

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* High Quality Material: Quality 500D nylon,strength and durability.
* Wider, more comfortable sling: 1 inch nylon at attaching ends and 2 inch center strap with closed cell foam,wider surface area to help evenly distribute the weight on your shoulder. Comfort for carrying heavier firearms in long distances in wild.
* Stable Design: Once attached to a quick detach swivel or HDQD you are in business. The sling can quickly be adjusted to enhance any shooting position as well as integrate with your backpack. The non-slip portion of the sling will keep the rifle in position as you walk, climb, or glass. 
* Quick adjust length of sling :The quick adjust portion of the sling gives a sniper the ability to wear the cuff, snap in and adjust the sling quickly to the necessary length.
* Easy to attach and detach: 2 point sling design - Steel Main Buckle.The cuff comes equipped with a small snap shackle. This buckle will allow you to attach or detach quickly in any situation.
* Sling is quick, versatile, instantly adjustable, and simple to use.
* Color: BK, CB, RG, MC.

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* KRYDEX MK2 Sniper Sling *1