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KRYDEX Helmet Counterweight Battery Case

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* It is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern
combat helmet with hook and loop.
* The MK2 features a purpose-built pouch for holding remote
battery boxes for NVGs. eg: TNV/Sentinel, ANVIS AVS-6/9,
AN/PVS-23, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18, etc..
* Made of high quality 500D nylon construction, reliable,
Lightweight and waterproof.
* Loops Upper Attach & Retention Strip size: 6" x 2.75".
Battery Pouch: 3.5" (W) x 4.5" (L) x 1.0" (H).
* The open design pouch with 2 top hook and loop straps is used to hold remote battery boxes or other small accessories.
* Hooks utilized to easily fasten the pouch onto the back of the helmet.
* Shock bungee cords provide additional storage and retention capability.
* Two bottom located hook & loop strips for bundling and storing
communication headset cable, protecting them and giving you
freedom of head movement.
* Two elastic loops are on either side of the pouch for instant access of
the batteries or holding chemlights.
* Color: BK, CB, RG, MC, MCBK.

Package Contents:
* KRYDEX Helmet Counterweight Battery Case *1