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KRYDEX FCS V60 PTT Tactical Transmitter Receiver Connector AMP Comtac III HeadSet

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* Item included V60 PTT, Standard 6 PIN Line, U174/U Line and Product manual.
* Adopted FCS KN6 interface, compatible with most of the market radio equipment.
* Able to support both single-ended and BTL Radio communication equipment. Easy to operate, no need for external power supply.
* Compatible with Comtac3 headset, AMP+V60 connector, 3M C3 Headset, Sordin Headset, Standard U285/U two pass Headset.
* Size : 62mm*79mm*25mm

Package Contents:
* FCS V60 PTT * 1
* Standard 6 PIN Line * 1
* U174/U Line * 1
* Product manual * 1