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KRYDEX Camouflage Sticker Tactical Camo Elastic Cloth DIY Tape Wrap Decal

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* Material: Spandex Fabric
* Ideal DIY for a rugged and authentic camo look.
* Extremely reliable, scratch and grime resistant surface, waterproof.
* Features spandex-based, liftable, slideable and self-release adhesive, 
sticks with pressure alone and peels off with minimal effort.
* Expanded size: 20 x 150cm (7.9”x 59”); Gross Weight: 118g; Net Weight: 108g
* Self adhesive tap with high elastic to meet the different shape .
* Installation is a simple process,even for beginners.It can be easily applied to 
any non-porous surface with only a heat gun and squeegee. 
Conforms to contours and bends easily. Never worry about bubbles or creases.
* Ideal DIY for a rugged and authentic camo look.
* Color: MC,MCBK,MC Tropic,Highlander,Typhon,

Package Contents:
* Krydex Camouflage Sticker *1