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KRYDEX 1.5" IPSC USPSA IDPA 3-Gun Shooting Outer&Inner Belt Tactical High Speed Competition Belt

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* Hoop and loop design ensures belt fastening during vigorous activities.
* Reinforced nylon body makes it reliable.
* 5 Sizes available from 32" – 52", Competition width 1.5", to fit with all shooting gear used.
* Attach holsters & magazines pouch securely as you run and jump.
* Special 2-belt system design, an inner belt through pant loops and an attached outer belt, saving you the trouble of removing the holsters and pouches from the outer belt.
* Perfect accessories for airsoft, paintball and IPSC sporting usage.
* The IPSC Belt is thicker than most others, so that the holsters and pouches mounted on the belt will sit firmly in place and will not rock or slide around.
* How to select the belt size: (do not select based on your pant size!)
1. Measure you actual waist circumference at the height where you plan to wear your belt.
2. Convert your measurements into Inches (1inch = 2.54cm).
3. Order the belt size which matches your measurement. Round upwards: if you measured 39", order a belt size 40".

Package Contents:
* KRYDEX Tactical IPSC Shooting Belt *1