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KRYDEX Quick Release 1.5" Tactical Heavy Duty Belt 2-Ply Nylon T-Buckle

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* 2-Ply Tough Nylon plus "stiffener" layer.
* 1.5″Battle Belt is designed to be highly functional load bearing utility belt that can handle all your tactical gear. Load it up with a OWB holster, mag carriers, pouches, and whatever else you need.
* KRYDEX Tactical rigger belt made from two layers of strong, stiff, high quality 1.5" nylon webbing with a specially inserted 'stiffener' layer inside to provide a degree of reinforcement and support to ensure the gun belts doesn't sag under the weight of your gear.
* The heavy duty buckle is made of aluminium alloy and has a high load-bearing capacity. Pressing the button on the buckle, you can release the belt quickly and easily.
* Unlike other molle belts, our war belt has a smooth surface, which is designed to allow you to adjust the position of your gear to the left and right at will, the internal Anti-slip Inner keeps your gear firmly in place.
* The 1.5" wide nylon belt fits through a standard belt loop, the buckle is 2" wide. When you are wearing, you need to remove the buckle on one side first, then pass the belt through the belt loop and reattach the buckle.
* Size:
S Fits 30" - 34" Waist
M Fits 35" - 39" Waist
L Fits 40" - 44" Waist
XL Fits 45" - 49" Waist
* Color: Black. Package Contents: * KRYDEX 1.5" Tactical Duty Belt * 1